It’s our dream to connect every community with locally grown food.

Anytime. Anywhere.

No matter where you are, we want to make it easy to eat local. If you want to buy direct from a farmers’ markets or farmer, contribute to a community garden, subscribe to a CSA, order online, or eat at a restaurant that serves local food - we want to point you there.

Feel connected

Want to see a picture of the farm and know where your food came from? We do too. How about a short video showing the love a farmer puts into her work? Pretty awesome. We want you to know where your food comes from, how it was raised, learn about your community, and see the lives you impact with your decisions.

Give back

Each time we buy local we’re making a conscious decision to support our community. It’s simple and feels awesome. Let’s do more of that.

The movement

The local food community is strong and passionate. The more we work together the greater we can accomplish. Hungry people? We can help get them access to nutritious foods. Food desert? Our community knows how to create sustainable gardens and farms. We want to provide the tools to connect all of these amazing groups and people.

If we haven’t mentioned it lately — we love you!

— John & Glenn

Inspired by slashpurpose.org from our friends at Fictive Kin.