1. Happy Food Day!
    Badge Food Day has finally arrived. Get out, eat real food, and share your photos with Food Day stickers!
  2. Food Day - Oct 24
    Badge Celebrate the movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food by using the new Food Day stickers!
  3. Happy Food Revolution Day!
    Badge Check out the livestream at foodrevolutionday.com and post your fresh food photos with the Food Revolution Day sticker.
  4. Food Revolution Day!
    Badge Help support Food Revolution Day by posting with the new sticker and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. New in version 1.4
    Apple touch icon 72x72 precomposed Now you can add stickers! Try it out next time you post a photo.
  6. Welcome to Farmstand!
    Apple touch icon 72x72 precomposed How wonderful to see you! Once you log in, you'll see notifications here when someone likes your post, follows you, or comments on a thread you're a part of.
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